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South Point United Methodist Church exists to be led by Christ and to tell the story of God in acts of love.

Our Purpose is to...


People to faith in Jesus Christ and membership in God's family

We believe that through God’s grace we are part of a community that includes people around the world. Our hope is that through our example and words other people will want to be part of that family as well. We seek to welcome people as they are and walk with them through personal and social transformation.


People in their walk with Christ,

As United Methodists we believe that salvation is an ongoing, lifelong process that begins even before we are fully aware of our own sin and need for God’s grace. Once we recognize our brokenness and turn to God, God’s grace makes us right with God and then leads us on a journey of personal transformation and being made whole in God’s love. As a church we seek to encourage people wherever they are in their walk with Christ.


God's presence in our lives,

We believe that God’s Son, Jesus, was raised from the dead and continues to live. As resurrection people we celebrate the presence of God in our lives and seek to recognize God’s transforming presence around us. Worship is a crucial part of celebrating God’s presence. We believe that worship can happen anytime and that it is important for us to come together as a community in worship. On Sunday mornings we express our worship in hymn and song, in prayer, and in hearing the Word, and Sacrament. On Thursday evenings we express our worship through a common meal, in song, in Word and a more relaxed atmosphere.


People to be ministers in the world.

We believe that all followers of Jesus are called to be ministers and to share God in some way. All of us have a faith story of personal transformation to share and a word of encouragement to offer other people. God uses us to minister to a world that is often hurting and to help bring about social transformation.

And to Share

God's blessings with others

We seek to follow the Greatest Commandment of “Love God and love neighbor” and believe that serving other people in our church, our community, and around the world is a crucial part of our faith. We recognize that God has given us more than we can fathom, and we are called to share those blessings with others.

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